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The IMPACT Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) is the new feather in our cap. As a full time MBA student at IIMS, you can look forward to a unique experience that will immerse you in a rich learning environment that provides you with tools and techniques to accelerate your career, make the right professional choices, instil the values needed for team-work and collaboration and encourages you to be aware of the wider role you will play in the wider community.Apart from rigorous academic courses taught by highly qualified professors, we develop our students through independent learning, rational enquiry and opportunities for public service. The pioneering spirit that gave birth to IIM-S is present in the innovative teaching methods and outstanding student outcome.

We aim to establish a new direction for education and resume a fresh approach towards increasing the prospect of employability. In addition, IIM-S conducts various workshops, symposiums and conferences, to build-up leadership capabilities. Through a holistic approach towards professional development we seek to build a global network among the management student fraternity, industry and the wider community.

Acceding to demands across India, IIM-S shall be expanding its quality higher educational facility apart from Bangalore at different locations like Cochin & Vijayawada. These upcoming campuses represent the developing corporate hubs in India other than Bangalore where corporate activities are expected to be at its peak in near future.

Embark on a Full-time MBA at IMPACT Institute of Management Studies and become part of a community of talented high-potential individuals who are determined to make their mark. We look forward to welcoming you at IIMS.

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